Commandeer Version 1.0 Release Information

We have a target date of May 1st to launch version 1.0. The price will be $30/month. There will still be a free plan but it will have limits of not being able to deploy to the cloud as well as service limits. You can view them below.

Limits details

You can check out a lot of the system below. It is running amazing in our development environments, and we are close to having our CI automated for our deployments to staging and production. Bundling the app is quite a process, so we are finalizing a few things with that.

The Commandeer Dashboard

The dashboard brings together all the high level information about your system. Below, we will dive into the 5 different sections. Also notice, that the side navigation also houses a lot of statuses depending if services are connected or not.

Cloud Breakdown

The cloud breakdown shows the number of resources per service. For instance, below you can see there are 14 CloudWatch Logs and 7 Dynamo DB Tables.

Cloud Breakdown Chart

Event Breakdown

This chart shows the connections between services. Below you can see the three Dynamo DB tables that are connected to three different lambdas. You can then drill down to the table or lambda view or run tests of the connection.

Current Account

The current account shows the status of the account you have connected. This let’s you easily see if you have connected services.

Local System

The local system section brings in information about your IAC (Infrastructure as Code), LocalStack, Docker, as well as programming languages you have installed.

Top 5 Pages

Analytics information about your usage in Commandeer.

Dynamo DB Dashboard

All your Dynamo DB Tables in one spot.

Dynamo DB Detail

Breakdown of data in the table as well as a table to search through data.

S3 Dashboard

Showing a list of buckets with stats about public and private.

S3 Detail

Draw, Copy, Download, and Send via Slack, SMS, Email S3 files. You can also play movie and sound files and so much more.

Cute cat alert.

We are pumped to get this in your hands, as we feel it is going to blow you away. The beta version is still quite useful, but Version 1.0 will be an experience like no other. Happy developing!

Available on Linux, Windows, and Mac

Commandeer is a tool built by developers for developers that solves three things in the cloud. First, we are focused on the deployment of your IAC. Secondly, we enable you to ‘Test your Plumbing’. Lastly, Commandeer provides you the ability to easily view your data. (Manage AWS, Algolia, Slack, Twilio, SendGrid, Serverless, LocalStack, Ansible, Docker and more from your desktop)

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