Commandeer Version 1.0 Launched

We are very excited to announce that Commandeer, the best way to manage over 20 cloud services all from the comfort of your desktop has officially launched.

As part of our promotion, we are offering the first 3 months at 50% off ($15/month). As always, you can download the app, and get a trial version that has limits on the number of resources you can view and it does not allow you to deploy to the cloud. Seeing is believing though, so if you are a developer, we urge you to give it a try. We use it daily for our development.

Available on Linux, Windows, and Mac

Commandeer is a tool built by developers for developers that solves three things in the cloud. First, we are focused on the deployment of your IAC. Secondly, we enable you to ‘Test your Plumbing’. Lastly, Commandeer provides you the ability to easily view your data. (Manage AWS, Algolia, Slack, Twilio, SendGrid, Serverless, LocalStack, Ansible, Docker and more from your desktop)

Download Version 1.0 Now

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