Commandeer Version 1.0 Launch — T-minus 20 days

Only 20 days left until launch. If you are a software developer or data scientist we would love for you to check out our tool. It will be $30/month for the basic version. A pre-sale with 50–70% off the regular price will happen from April 27th — May 1st. If you download the app and go through our onboarding process or sign-up for our newsletter we will be sending you a coupon. As allows, we are available on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Here are our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Launch Day — May 1- 2020

We are an on-prem solution, meaning none of your data goes through our systems, it is only contained on your device. Below is a little write-up about our security model.

“Your security matters to us. We NEVER save any of your data to our servers. In fact the entire system runs on your local machine, and if you are running against LocalStack, you can actually run the system with the internet turned off! Your credentials are saved to your application’s data folder, but it NEVER goes further than that. Same with our caching and logging, it is all saved to your local machine. The only data we do save to our systems is your name and email so that we can keep you updated on our newest features. We also collect anonymized system events like button clicks and page views which helps dictate what we should work on next. For instance, our top three services being used are S3, Dynamo DB, and Lambda. These three services are all getting significant features added because of this knowledge. If you aren’t comfortable with passing this data, that is fine too, you can turn it off on your profile or during onboarding.” — Commandeer Home Page

We will be launching with extensive support for 20 cloud services. You can find out more information in our newly designed JamStack implementation of our docs. It is blazing fast, and our landing pages will also be done in there. You will see lots of newly published docs there over the next few weeks for the run up to launch. The groupings and pages will stay the same, but will be updated with new images and more in-depth write-ups and tutorials about how the final 1.0 version works.

Our New Docs Homepage

Happy developing,

Sergeant Serverless